Stainless Steel Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener Set with Foil Cutter

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The CUSIBOX 2-in-1 Electric Wine Opener and Preserver make you enjoy and keep your favorite wine fresh and accessible. 
This high-tech, rechargeable and cordless electric opener and preserver are both functional and stylish with its brushed stainless steel housing and easy to use. 
With a single charge, you can seamlessly open and vacuum seal bottles of all shapes and sizes. 
The cork is automatically removed and released in a matter of seconds, in addition to removing excess oxygen from within to avoid oxidation and keep your wine fresh! 
Just press down on the bottleneck to open up to 40 bottles and vacuum 50 on an 8-10 hour charge. 
The blue LED indicator light lets you know when in use or charging. 

Package Contains: 
1 x CUSIBOX Electric Wine Bottle Opener 
1 x Foil Cutter 
2 x Wine Stoppers 
1 x Charging Base 
1 x User Manual