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Learn how to make Pressure Cooker Dulce De Leche Recipe. No can, no jar method. 2-ingredient super easy to make. Creamy, silky smooth, deeply caramelized dangerous indulgence. Redmond Dulce De Leche Usages: - Eat straight out of the jar!!! 😀 - Drinks: sweetener in coffee or tea… - Cakes: topping, filling, or drizzle on cheesecakes, cupcakes, muffin, brownies… - Breakfast: spread on toast, biscuits, shortbread, crepes, pancakes, baguette… - Snacks: dip for apples, pears, crackers, cookies… - Desserts: drizzle on ice-cream, fillings for tarts, chocolate bites, rice krispies… - DIY Gifts: Christmas baskets, housewarming gifts, party favors…

Nutrition per serving



3 g


3 g


22 g





0.13 14oz can

(396g) sweetened condensed milk

0.13 cup

(250ml) cold water

0.06 teaspoon

(3g) baking soda

0.38 tablespoons

(45ml) warm water

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Step 1
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Ingredients for Redmond Dulce De Leche 


  • 1 14oz can (396g) sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 cup (250ml) cold water
  • Baking Soda Mixture: ½ teaspoon (3g) baking soda + 3 tablespoons (45ml) warm water

*Caution: please ensure you got the right ingredients!! 😀

  • Use Baking Soda – NOT Baking Powder.
  • Use Sweetened Condensed Milk, dulce de leche magic won’t work with Evaporated Milk. 


Step 2
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Create Baking Soda Mixture

In a small mixing bowl, combine ½ tsp (3g) baking soda with 3 tbsp (45ml) warm water.


*Pro Tip: Mix very well until all the baking soda has dissolved.

*CAUTION: double or even triple check – we’re using Baking Soda for this recipe, NOT Baking Powder.


Step 3
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Combine Ingredients

Pour 1 14oz can (414ml) sweetened condensed milk in a stainless steel bowl (we used a 7” bowl for our 6 quart Instant Pot).

Add in the baking soda mixture and combine. Mix well.



Step 4
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Pressure Cook Dulce De Leche

Add 1 cup (250ml) cold water in the Instant Pot.


Place the stainless steel bowl of condensed milk mixture directly in the water.


Close lid and pressure cook at

  • Pressure Cooking Method: High Pressure for 40 – 90 minutes (see Pro Tip), then Full Natural Release.

Open the lid carefully.

*Pro Tip: We tested 3 different brands of sweetened condensed milk. One brand took only 40 mins + Natural Release to reach desire caramelized color, while the other brand took 60 mins + Natural Release to reach the same color. Adjust accordingly.


Step 5
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Create Redmond Dulce de Leche

Remove the stainless steel bowl from the Instant Pot pressure cooker.


Mix & inspect the dulce de leche with a fork.

*Pro Tip 1: If it is not caramelized to desired color, simply place it back into the Instant Pot and pressure cook it for another 20 – 30 minutes.

*Pro Tip 2: Depending on your brand of Sweetened Condensed Milk, the Dulce De Leche can turn out lumpy and looks unappetizing.

Don’t worry! It’s perfectly normal. It takes 30 seconds to smooth it out with an immersion hand blender.


*Note: if the dulce de leche looks a bit runnier than your desired consistency, keep in mind that it’ll gradually thicken as it cools, and it’ll harden when it’s chilled overnight in the fridge.



Step 6
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Serve Dulce de Leche

Ta da! Your very own Dulce de Leche…

The possibilities are endless on how to enjoy this dangerous indulgence Redmond Dulce De Leche.

Let your creative side shine!

*Note: the Redmond Dulce De Leche will thicken up as it cools and thin out as it warms up.





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